Don’t Lose Your Life Savings

to the High Cost of Nursing Home Care


Medicaid filing is a detailed and lengthy process. We keep up with the latest regulations and allowances and can help you qualify for Medicaid benefits in as little as 30 days.

Florida Medicaid at a Glance – 2021

Maximum community spouse resource allowance:$130,380
Resource allowance for an individual:$2,000
Resource allowance for a couple
(both husband and wife in nursing home):
Minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance:$2,155
Maximum monthly maintenance allowance:$3,260
Monthly personal needs allowance:$130
Shelter allowance:$647
Standard utility allowance:$370
Divestment penalty divisor:$9,485
Income cap amount:$2,382

Florida Medicaid services are administered by the Florida Department of Children and Families – Agency for Health Care Administration.