Don’t Lose Your Life Savings

to the High Cost of Nursing Home Care

How We Help

Long Term Care Solutions, LLC is a filing company assisting families throughout the State of Florida qualify their loved ones to receive nursing home and assisted living facility Medicaid benefits.  We have filed thousands of applications and work closely with you and your chosen facility to provide complete service throughout the application approval process.

  • We Work for You

    We represent your loved one to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) to coordinate income, assets, insurance policies, IRAs and necessary legal documents for quick Medicaid approval.  We provide FREE consultations to discuss the Medicaid application process in detail. We are accessible at two convenient locations–Clearwater and Sarasota.  We are also available to visit you at your residence, nursing home, hospital, or by telephone.  We even have a toll free number so family members may reach us with any questions they may have regarding this process.

  • Trusted and Experienced Advisors

    We are a Medicaid filing company with over 20 years of experience. Our friendly team works closely with licensed professionals to give you complete information, satisfaction and protection.  It has always been our position to work closely with attorneys specializing in Elder Law, Probate, Guardianship, Tax, and Estate Planning to provide the most complete and accurate information.  Many of the attorneys we refer will provide FREE consultations and are available typically within 24-48 hours for quick appointments.

  • Community Focused

    We are active within our communities, and involved in many local charities.  We believe in making a difference in the lives of our local seniors!