young woman speaking with senior woman in wheelchair at nursing home

Income Limit on Medicaid Eligibility

Florida is an income state which means there is an income limit on Medicaid eligibility. Income is calculated by compiling all gross monthly income to determine the exact amount (patient liability) the nursing facility receives. Countable income includes Social Security, IRA distributions, pensions, rental properties, and annuity payments.

Even if income exceeds the income limit (refer to the Medicaid at a Glance card or visit for the latest income limit dollar amount information) applicants may still qualify for Medicaid through the use of certain legal documents.

At Long Term Care Solutions, LLC we work with several Elder Law Attorneys who can prepare the necessary Medicaid friendly legal documents for the applicant. It is important to know if there is a spouse living the community, Medicaid allows for an income diversion from the institutionalized spouse to the”well”spouse allowing for monies to go toward the household bills of the community spouse.The Calculation of the diversion of income can be very complex. Please call Long Term Care Solutions, LLC to receive information to determine what the diversion of income can be in a particular situation.

If my wife goes into a nursing facility, will I also have to pay part of my income toward her bill?

No. Medicaid only requires the applicant receiving Medicaid benefits to pay their income to the facility minus $130.00 for personal expenses.

Am I also required to have my income below Medicaid’s income guidelines if my spouse is in a nursing facility?

No.The income of the spouse living in the community can be unlimited. Medicaid does not require the community spouse to pay any of his or her income towards the bill of the spouse living in the facility. Assets are counted jointly but income is looked at individually.

I have a disabled daughter living with me in my home; will any of my income be diverted to her if I go into a nursing facility?

Yes. If your disabled child is living in your home, there are guidelines to allow some, part, or all of your income to be diverted to your dependent.

I am a single person. If I go into a nursing facility, can any of my income be diverted to pay my home expenses?

No. Your entire income minus $130.00 for personal needs must be paid to the nursing facility. If you have other assets that can be legally restructured, in certain situations, you may be able to use those funds to pay existing bills.

What if I cannot pay my personal bills if all my husband’s income must be paid to the nursing facility for his care?

Medicaid has financial guidelines for the spouse at home to receive a diversion of income to help the spouse living in the community pay household bills.